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About Christian Nseka

Photo of Christian NsekaChristian Nseka is a member of the Unification Church, a husband, a father, an author, etc. His writings focus mainly on the mission of the Messiah.

The purpose of his authorship is not to judge, proselytize, misinform, or mislead readers, but to challenge, inspire, instigate, and provoke awareness in them.

Given that his work focuses on the realization of God’s will on the foundation of the fulfillment of the Messiah’s mission, Nseka’s desire is that those who read his books think about, first and foremost, what the Messiah means to them, individually.

The major problem we face today, according to Nseka, is that not only the truth, but God, Jesus, the prophets, the mission of the Messiah and its understanding have become conventionalized. Can the divine truth that dwells dormant within each individual be easily awaken in such environment?

Each person has only one life to live, at least physically. And it is in this life that we are all supposed to make it right when trying to connect to the Messiah and receive salvation. We ought to build a strong salvific foundation when we are still alive on earth rather than hope to do so after we have entered the spirit world.

Nseka’s intention, in writing, is to invite people to challenge themselves to a better understanding of the messiahship of Jesus in particular and the mission of the Messiah in general.

Nseka writes with the hope of helping all people—religious as well as non-religious—break away from conventionalism, seek a better understanding of the mission of the Messiah, their responsibilities in relation to the Messiah and the world, and, whenever necessary, reevaluate their relationship with God and the Messiah.

He believes that everybody needs salvation. And that anybody can receive it—the whole of it.