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About the book

Click to enlarge This second volume of the "Messiahs" series is a four-part book with several chapters. The first part provides an overview of relationships. This section of the book deals with the purpose of relationships as well as that of our existence, the different types of relationships, and how to establish relationships that are acceptable to God.

The second part elaborates on the fundamental relationships. These are relationships that every human being should establish, centering on God, in order to qualify for citizenship in the Kingdom of Heaven.

The third part of this volume deals with different realities of relationships that humanity faces. Among them are the reality of divorce, the existence of homosexuality, and the confusion around sex.

The fourth part deals with the establishment of God’s Kingdom. This last section of the book deals with issues that have prevented humanity from establishing God’s Kingdom. This chapter also introduces readers to what is needed in order to establish God’s Kingdom.


Table of Contents



Chapter 1: About Relationships
I. The Purpose of Our Existence
II. The Ultimate Purpose of Relationships
III. Building Healthy Relationships
IV. Major Types of Relationships
V. Inappropriate and Appropriate Relationships


Chapter 1: The Filial Relationship
I. The Realm of God’s Original Love
II. About the Filial Relationship
III. God’s Will and the Filial Relationship

Chapter 2: The Sibling Relationship
I. About the Sibling Relationship
II. God’s Will and the Sibling Relationship

Chapter 3: The Conjugal Relationship
I. About the Conjugal Relationship
II. The Boyfriend and Girlfriend Relationship
III. Marriage
   1. About Marriage
   2. God’s Will and Marriage
   3. God’s Will Centered on Adam and Eve’s Marriage
   4. The Sanctity of Marriage
   5. The Ideal of Marriage
IV. Vertical and Horizontal Partners
V. The Importance of Marriage
   1. Marriage and Human Responsibility
   2. The Hidden Purpose of Marriage
VI. The Reality of Marriage under Satan
VII. Redeeming the Institution of Marriage
VIII. The Messiah and Marriage
   1. The Importance of the Messiah
   2. Marriages Officiated by Jesus
   3. Marriages Officiated by the True Parents
   4. The Course of Restoration
IX. The First Marriage
X. The Conjugal Relationship: Conclusion

Chapter 4: The Parental Relationship
I. About the Parental Relationship
II. Parental Guidelines
III. God’s Will and the Parental Relationship


Chapter 1: Divorce
I. God and Relationships
II. The Uniqueness of Marriage
III. The Reason Why People Divorce

Chapter 2: Homosexuality
I. A New Perspective on Homosexuality
   1. About Homosexuality
   2. Unpreparedness and Irresponsibility
   3. It is About Attitude
   4. Human Nature
   5. Nature vs. Nurture
II. What is the Worst That Can Happen?
III. God’s Will and Homosexuality
   1. Fulfilling One’s Purpose of Existence
   2. In the Image of God
   3. The Male and Female Relationship
IV. Divine Intervention
V. Homosexuality: Conclusion

Chapter 3: Sex
I. The Importance of Sex
   1. Becoming One
   2. The Vertical and Horizontal Purposes of Sex
   3. The Reality of Sex
II. Satanic Interference
III. God’s Will and Sexuality


Chapter 1: The Establishment of God’s Kingdom
I. The Age of the Family
II. Connecting to God’s Heart
III. The Strategy of Satan
IV. The Heavenly Standard
V. About the Blessing
VI. The Value of the Blessing
VII. True Parents and God’s Kingdom
VIII. God’s Kingdom

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