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About the book

Click to enlargeThe title says it all. The True Parents is a book about the True Parents. In this book, Christian Nseka helps his readers learn about the meaning of the word true parents, the identity of the True Parents, why humanity needs them, etc.

This book will benefit not only those who wish to learn about the True Parents, but also those who know of the True Parents. To those who know of the True Parents, this book will not only enlighten their knowledge of the True Parents, but also add a thing or two. To those who don’t know of the True Parents, there is no better place to start than by reading this book.

The True Parents is a must read.



Table of Contents


The Mission of the True Parents

Global Peacemakers

The Identity of the True Parents

The Purpose of Human Existence

The Purpose of the Creation

Joy and Satisfaction

Why We Need the True Parents

About Rev. Moon and His Mission

The True Parents

The Fulfillment of the True Parents’ Mission

The Blessing

Cheon Il Guk

The State of the World

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