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— Excerpt —


Global Peacemakers

The ideal peacemaker that the world needs is a couple, not an individual. The reason why there is no real peace in the world is because all the peacemakers who have pioneered the path to peace were individuals belonging to one gender or another. They were acting more as elder siblings rather than parents. It is natural for elder siblings to show favors based on whom they like best. However, if it is at all possible for parents to show favors, they can only do so based on which child has fulfilled his or her responsibility. This is why the ideal global peacemakers must be a union of a husband and wife leading the cause of peace for the world. This couple of the global peacemaker husband and the global peacemaker wife will therefore stand as the global parents of the whole of humanity—the True Parents.

Just like a human being is constituted of mind and body, with the mind representing the religious sphere and the body the secular sphere, the mission of the True Parents also has two aspects—a religious aspect and a secular aspect. This is why anybody, whether religious or not, can connect to the True Parents.

True peace can come to the world only when people embrace the ideology of the True Parents.

The ideology of the True Parents, who occupy the position of original global peacemakers, exhorts every individual to become a global citizen by treating other individuals, regardless of nationality, race, religion, gender, or creed, as siblings. This means that using the ideology of the original global peacemakers, all of the world inhabitants are supposed to become global peacemakers as well.

By the same token, an individual who becomes a global peacemaker with the mindset and heart of doing so for the sake of establishing the Kingdom of Heaven on earth acquires the status of son or daughter of God, our Heavenly Parent. This means that just as all the inhabitants of the world are to become global peacemakers secularly, they are also supposed to become true parents religiously. This is only possible through the True Parents.