The Messiahship of the Lord
General Shepherd
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Messiahs: Families
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Table of Contents


Chapter One: God’s Champions
I. Heroes
II. Israel and the Messiah
III. Qualifications for a Central Person
IV. Qualifications for the Messiah

Chapter Two: A New Perspective on the Mission of Moses
I. The Slavery of the Israelites in Egypt
1. Understanding the Cause
2. Not God’s Will
3. The Hebrews
II. The Birth of Moses
III. Overview of the Mission of Moses
1. Moses in the Palace
2. Moses and the Pharaoh at the Exodus
3. The Predicament of Moses
IV. The Mission God Intended for Moses
1. His God-intended Mission
2. The Lost Foundation
3. Unfair Advantage
4. Not Protecting the Heavenly Foundation
5. Fulfilling His Mission
6. The New Foundation
7. Moses as the Symbolic Messiah
V. A New Perspective on the Exodus
1. God’s Original Rescue Plan
2. God’s Secondary Rescue Plan
VI. Precedence
VII. What Would Have Happened?

Chapter Three: God’s Plan for the Protection of Jesus
I. The Conception of Jesus Christ
1. Mary’s Pregnancy
2. Jesus’ Pedigree
II. The Birth of Jesus Christ
III. Similarities at Conception and Birth
IV. Protective Shield
1. The Protection of Moses
2. The Protection of Jesus Christ
V. Spiritual Connection
VI. Conclusion

Chapter Four: The Public Life and Mission of Jesus Christ
I. The Mission of John the Baptist
1. Baptism
2. Forerunner
II. John the Baptist’s Testimony of Jesus
III. John the Baptist and His Ministry
IV. John the Baptist and Jesus Christ
V. Jesus as a Prophet
VI. The Three Temptations
1. The First Temptation
2. The Second Temptation
3. The Third Temptation
4. Overview of theVictory of Jesus over the Three Temptations
5. Jesus as the New Adam
6. Lessons from the Three Temptations
VII. The Initial Steps in His Public Life
1. His New Family
2. The Few Prepared Ones
VIII. Mount of Transfiguration
1. The Reason Jesus Spoke to Moses
2. The Reason Jesus Spoke to Elijah

Chapter Five: The Mission of the Messiah
I. Jesus and the Messianic Mission
II. The Fulfillment of the Mission of the Messiah
III. The Scope of the Mission of Jesus Christ
IV. The Number Three
1. The Fulfillment of God’s Will
1.1 The First Three Central Families
1.2. God’s Canaan and the Promised Land
1.3. The Third Adam
2. Another Reason God Continued to Use the Family of Abraham
2.1. Vertical and Horizontal Foundations
2.2. Within the Family of Abraham
2.3. Abraham’s Family as a Model
V. Challenges at the Second Coming
1. The Realization of God’s Ideal through Reconciliation
2. The Reconciliation with the Satanic-type Older Brother
3. The Reconciliation with the Heavenly-type Older Brother
VI. God’s Children

Chapter Six: The Messiah and Perfection
I. Jesus and Perfection
II. Misinterpretation
III. Satan’s Ingenuity
IV. The Number Twenty-One (21)
V. Back to Point Zero
1. The Restoration of the Position of Adam
2. Should Jesus Have Married?
VI. The Kingdom of Heaven and Paradise
VII. Jesus’ Path to Perfection
VIII. Perfection: Conclusion

Chapter Seven: General Shepherd
I. Lessons from John the Baptist
II. Sense of Judgment
III. God’s Will
1. God’s Will Centered on Jesus
2. God’s Will Centered on the Lord of the Second Advent
IV. The General Shepherd Effect
V. Lease Agreement
VI. Living in Denial
VII. Satan and the Messiah
1. Satan’s Strategy on Jesus
2. The Opportune Moment
3. Satan’s Strategy on the Lord of the Second Advent
VIII. The Messianic Concept
IX. Beware and Be Ready

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