The Messiahship of the Lord
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- Table of Contents -

Passages from Different Religions

Chapter One: The Heart and the Mission of Jesus Christ
I. The World’s Major Religions and the Messiah
1. The Role of Christianity
2. Christianity and Other Religions
II. The Connection of the Heart
1. The Meaning of the Connection of the Heart
2. Jesus and His Main Apostles
3. The Providence of the Cross
3.1. A King without Servants
3.2. Simon from Cyrene
3.3. The Criminals at Golgotha
3.4. The Difference between the Two Men
3.5. The Path to Paradise
3.6. The Outcome of the Providence of the Cross
4. Jesus and Mary Magdalene
5. Jesus and Peter
III. Associating with the Messiah
IV. Miracles
1. Heavenly Connection
2. An Insight on Miracles performed by Jesus Christ
3. Christianity and Miracles
4. Plan B
V. The Mission of Judas Iscariot
1. The Predicament of Judas
2. Judas as One of the Twelve
VI. Calling upon Saul
VII. Lessons from the Era of Jesus Christ

Chapter Two: The Messiahship of the Lord
I. The Meaning of Messiahship
II. The Next Adam
III. Principles and Patterns
IV. The Value of the Messiah
1. God’s Ideal and the Messiah
2. The Messiah and the Kingdom of Heaven
V. The Purpose of Finding the Messiah
1. The Purpose of the Messiah
2. God’s Heart
3. The Antichrist
VI. Being a Friend of the Messiah
VII. Ask, Seek, and Knock

Chapter Three: A New Perspective on the Crucifixion of Jesus Christ
I. The Crucifixion and the Messianic Mission
II. It Is Finished

Chapter Four: A New Perspective on the “Resurrection” of Jesus Christ
I. Resurrection
II. The Resurrection of Jesus Christ
1. Did Jesus Resurrect?
2. The Resurrection of Lazarus
3. The Apparition of Jesus to the Apostles
4. Paradox
5. The Apparition of Jesus to Saul
6. The Lord of Resurrection
III. Spiritual Death
1. The Meaning of Spiritual Death
2. Understanding Spiritual Death
IV. Spiritual Resurrection
1. The Meaning of Spiritual Resurrection
2. Understanding Spiritual Resurrection
3. Eternal Life
V. Physical Resurrection
1. The Process of Physical Resurrection
2. The Resurrection of the Holy People
VI. A New Perspective on Rising from the Dead
1. The Process of Jesus Rising from the Dead
2. The Benefits from Jesus’ Rising from the Dead
2.1. The Holy People as Beneficiaries
2.2. Mortals as Beneficiaries
VII. Human Reality
VIII. Salvation
IX. Jesus and the Temple
X. Resurrection: Conclusion

Chapter Five: The Second Coming of the Messiah
I. Individual Responsibility
1. Trust
2. Attitude
3. Faith
II. The Second Coming of the Messiah
1. The Coming of a New Age
2. God’s Work Centered on Jesus
3. Satan’s Mode of Operation
4. Symbolism
5. The Messiah and the People
6. The Lord of the Second Advent

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