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Molly's Reviews
Reviewed by m j. hollingshead

Christian Nseka’s The Messiahship of the Lord Introducing a New Perspective on the “Resurrection” of Jesus Christ per the author, is centered on task of the Messiah, which for those calling themselves Christian revolves upon Jesus and His return or Second Coming.

The Messiahship of the Lord is a work of 200+ well written, heavily researched pages. Divided into five chapters Nseka delves into The Heart and the Mission of Jesus Christ, The Messiahship of the Lord, A New Perspective on the Crucifixion of Jesus Christ, A New Perspective on the “Resurrection” of Jesus Christ, and The Second Coming of the Messiah. Read more

Reviewed by Leslie P. Dejonge, M.R.E.
Teacher and Educator

Now here we have it! Not the usual rhetorical theological and scriptural ploying to present theories or foregone religious conceptions; but scrutinizes the practical and realistic acts of God in pursuit of the ideal of creation through history and the present.

Theologically and religiously Jesus has been looked at and put in various perspectives to suit the views of writers and speakers; but here we have it—purpose, the journey and conclusion. The real Jesus story must be known.

For centuries people have had resurrection confused with Jesus' rising from the grave. In the historical events of his life and the tragic end; all were misunderstood, in essence of people not knowing the purpose of the Messiah, let alone the true purpose of human beings and the creation.

Right before us in the Bible, the historical records, the massing of many religions and cultures and the facts of nature that we take for granted; lies the clarification of the questions we ask repeatedly. In these Last Days of the Last Days, we need to have a clear view and understanding for preparedness in welcoming the Second Advent. Do you want to be guessing? Time is short!

Allbooks Reviews
Reviewed by Wendy Thomas

Following the teachings of Rev. Sun Myung Moon in the Divine Principle, The Messiahship of the Lord establishes a fascinating discussion about the existence of the Messiah and his importance in the Second Coming. In a section on the role of Christianity and Other Religions, Nseka writes:

Most Christians do not look at non-Christians the way Jesus looked at non-Christian. They look at them as hellish. The worst part is that Christianity does not even try to show non-Christians the right path to Heaven. Read more

TCM Reviews
Reviewed by Tami Brady

The Messiahship of the Lord asks the reader to really think about the life, intention, and contribution of Jesus. Some of the discussions are quite profound- the kind that we each have to think about and determine our own answers. Was Jesus the messiah? Did he achieve his original intent? Was Jesus' death the true purpose of his life or was their something more? Was Jesus' resurrection a physical one or a spiritual one? Moreover... Read more


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