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— Excerpt —


IV. Love and Matching


Which aspect of love can we find to be prevalent in the matching?

It is no secret that love-decision has been the love found prevalent in the couples matched by Rev. Moon. This is because the matchings implemented by Rev. Moon were not premised upon how attracted two people were to each other. Instead, these matchings were much more about restoring what happened in the Garden of Eden.

As previously noted, Adam and Eve were supposed to become husband and wife under the guidance of God. This means that they were intended to grow up as brother and sister, and as friends, not as lovers. Hence, they were meant to become husband and wife based, not on the attraction that they had to one another, but on the decision that they would have made after God proposed that they become husband and wife. In other words, Adam and Eve were intended to become husband and wife through love-decision; not through love-feeling. Their love-feeling would have developed on the foundation of their love-decision and also based on their love-action.

God created the universe using Love-decision. God longed to feel the joy that could have been produced if and when a man and a woman became perfect. This is why He chose to create the universe. God created the universe, not because He was attracted to anyone, but because of the joy He anticipated when envisioning the outcome of the creation in which there are perfected human beings. This outcome is what the Divine Principle describes as God's ideal.

Because God’s ideal is the result of God’s love-decision, its fulfillment is dependent more on human love-decision than on human love-feeling. This is why the love found in the matchings conducted by Rev. Moon is essentially love-decision rather than love-feeling.

Romantic attraction was created by God, but it was claimed by Satan, given that it was at the core of the fall of Adam and Eve. This explains why, unknowingly, the world promotes romantic attraction in particular, and love-feeling in general, as the ideal love, or as the foremost expression of "true love".

The relationships established by the blessed couples matched by Rev. Moon lacked romantic attraction because they were contracted with the mission to restore the predicament that led to the fall of Adam and Eve, that is, providentially, part of their purpose was to reverse the course of the Fall. This does not mean that these relationships were entirely void of love-feeling. Remember that love-feeling has several attributes. Longing is certainly one of the attributes of love-feeling.

Longing is the feeling of missing someone or something. This is the feeling that has dominated God’s heart for millennia. God has longed for the fulfillment of His ideal of creation. He has longed for the day when humanity, the descendants of Adam and Eve, will genuinely connect with His heart.

The reason why most of those matched by Rev. Moon accepted his matching was not necessarily because they were attracted to the person they were matched to, but because they believed that accepting the matching and going to the Blessing was what God wanted. They did it for God, for the establishment of His Kingdom, for the extirpation of evil and Satan from this world, and for the victory of the True Parents. In short, they did it for God and the realization of His ideal, without deeply recognizing that they were also restoring the predicament of Adam and Eve.


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