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About the book

Click to enlargeIn a rapidly changing world, it is very important to understand what God’s will is and how it is to be fulfilled. This book is written to serve as a tool in helping readers understand the difference between the reality of the world as is and what God envisioned when He created.

At the core of it all is marriage.

Marriage is at the center of building and maintaining societies. What about God’s will? What is necessary for the establishment of God’s Kingdom?



Table of Contents


Chapter 1: God’s ideal of creation

Chapter 2: What Went Wrong?

Chapter 3: About the Blessing
I. Introduction
1. The Blessing Ceremony
2. The Blessing
3. The Ideal of the Blessing
II. The Blessing is the Answer
III. The Foundation of the Blessing
IV. The Process of the Blessingssing
1. The Matching
a. Restoration Through the Matching
2. The Holy Wine Ceremony
3. The Blessing Ceremony
4. The Other Steps
V. Blessing Responsibilities
VI. Loosed Binding
VII. Conclusion

Chapter 4: The Nature of Love
I. Definition of Love
II. Types of Love
III. Aspects of Love
1. Love-Feeling
2. Love-Decision
3. Love-Action
IV. Love and Matching
V. The Value of the Aspects of Love
VI. About the Aspects of Love
VII. The Cycle of Love
VIII. Reciprocal Relationship
IX. Love Sex Life
X. Consistency
XI. The Power of Love
XII. Ideal Spouse
1. What Makes an Ideal Spouse?
2. Ideal Quality of an Ideal Spouse
XIII. The Reason Why We Marry

Chapter 5: Divorce
I. Portion of Responsibility
II. Love Paradigm
III. Love Protection

Chapter 6: World Peace
I. World Peace Through the Blessing
1. Peaceful Standard
2. Peaceful Love
3. Peaceful Balance
II. The King and Queen of Peace

Chapter 7: The Value of the Blessing
I. The Importance of the Blessing
II. The Purpose of Marriage
III. The Purpose of the Blessing
IV. The Future of the Blessing Providence
V. The Ultimate Beneficiary of the Blessing
VI. The Fulfillment of the Purpose of the Creation

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