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About the book

Click to enlargeOne way or another, anyone who has lived on earth has had a relationship with God. One problem is that while there are people who have had great experiences with God, there are some whose experiences have been nothing but disappointing. Why is that? Did that happen because it is what God wanted?

Why is it that some of those who have had disappointing experiences with God have been so heartbroken to the point of denying the existence of God?

Who is God? Why do human beings attribute so much importance in their relationship with God?

These are some of the questions addressed in the book About God and Humanity. Explore further.



Table of Contents


Chapter One: God
I. Does God Exist?
II. God’s Identity
III. God’s Nature
IV. God’s Characteristics

Chapter Two: Satan
I. Who Is Satan?
1. Definition
2. The Deceiver
3. The Devil
II. Satan’s Nature
III. Understanding Satan

Chapter Three: God’s Agenda
I. The Reality of God
II. God’s Agenda Is the Fulfillment of His Ideal

Chapter Four: Original Human Beings
I. The Structure of a Human Being
II. The Spirit Mind
III. The Spirit Body
IV. The Physical Mind
V. The Physical Body
VI. The Relationships between the Four Entities
1. General Overview
2. The Spirit Self
3. The Physical Self
4. Human Mind
5. Spiritual Heart
6. Sixth Sense
7. Pure Mind and Body
VII. Original Human Beings: Conclusion

Chapter Five: Spiritual Beings
I. Structure of Spiritual Beings
II. Angels
III. Responsibilities of Angels
IV. Human Beings
1. Classification
2. Ramification
V. Gendering
VI. Structural Differences between God and Satan

Chapter Six: The Causal Being
I. Reciprocal Relationship
II. Duality
III. Growing Period

Chapter Seven: Perfection
I. Definition
II. Perfection of the Physical Self
III. Perfection of the Spirit Self
IV. Individual Perfection

Chapter Eight: Satan’s Agenda
I. Confusion Created by Satan
II. Spiritual Influence
III. Good Deeds and Evil Deeds

Chapter Nine: Fallen Human Beings
I. The Structure of a Fallen Human Being
II. Original Mind and Evil Mind
III. Creating a Stronger Shield
1. Meditation
2. Visions
3. Revelations
4. Emotional Intelligence
IV. Good Heart Vs. Evil Heart
V. The Value of Human Beings

Chapter Ten: Relationship between Mind and Body
I. Lack of Unity
II. Mind-and-Body Conflict
1. Mind-and-Body Conflict: A General Overview
2. Mind-and-Body Conflict: A New Perspective
3. Distinguishing Properly
III. Conclusion

Chapter Eleven: Conscience

Chapter Twelve: On God and the Gods
I. The Universal Prime Energy
II. Personification of the Causal Being
1. Identifying the Creator-Energy
2. Relating to the Creator-Energy
III. Divine Awareness
IV. The Difference between God and the Gods
V. The God of Jesus Christ

Chapter Thirteen: Death
I. Human Death
II. Impact of Spiritual Death
III. Dual Aspects
IV. The Reality of the Spiritual Realm

Chapter Fourteen: Religion and Science
I. General Overview
II. Counterparts
III. Different Realities
IV. The Difference Between Religion and Science

Chapter Fifteen: God, Seen Through Restoration Lenses
I. Universal Principles and True Love
1. Universal Principles
2. Universal-Principles-Love
3. True Love
II. Different Aspects of God
1. In the Era of the Foundation for the Word
2. In the Era of the Old Testament
3. In the Era of the New Testament

Chapter Sixteen: The Messiah
I. The Mission of the Messiah
1. General Overview
2. The Corruption of Humanity
3. Messianic Hope
II. God, the Messiah, Satan, and Humanity
1. Humanity’s Predicament
2. The Value of the Messiah
3. The Messiah: A Teammate
III. Paradigm Shift

Chapter Seventeen: God, Our Heavenly Parent
I. God’s Heart
II. A Parent’s Heart
III. The Genesis of the Fall
IV. Becoming Like God
V. Rightful Position
VI. Humanity’s Relationship with God

Chapter Eighteen: Misconceptions About God
I. God’s Omnipotence
1. He Can Do Anything
2. He Is Merciless
3. Archangelic Love vs. Divine Love
4. His Loving Heart
5. A New Set
II. Free Will
III. "He Did Nothing"

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